I Hate the Internet: Ch. 1-13

As I find myself on the final pages of our assigned reading portion, I have not particularly enjoyed the experience. I can say Jarrett Kobek’s writing is supremely humorous at times, however, I cannot seem to connect to the way he is conveying his message as the writer. For starters, I thought of the academic world, and how far it has come. From 1990-2012, the average global IQ has risen by 30 points. Only 12% of the world could read in total in 1820. Compare this to the 83% literacy rate in 2017. In the 1800s, it took months to relay information via the form of a letter. The internet has done nothing but contribute to these numbers, and I do not feel the internet is the only one contributing (that would be silly) but Kobek seems to think it has not helped at all. Furthermore, I do not totally agree with the business aspect Kobek is poking fun. I especially do not think the women references to unfairness are thoughtful. On page 12 Kobek writes, “Women’s lack of upper body strength was only one explanation of the social ordering… Most societies, being dominated by men, put premium value on eating and killing.” As this may have been very correct and very morally incorrect, things are not the same today… I would never say they are where they should be, because they are not, however, if anything, technology and the internet has evened the playing field. We are no longer hunting boars in the wild, thus, upper body strength, in almost all occasions in today’s society, is useless. Once again, I do not think women are treated the same way men are, and I think such ideologies are awful. However, for example, the Fortune 500 company list for 2017 has an all time high list of women CEOs. From 2016 to 2017, the amount of women CEOs in the most popular business companies in the world increased by 50%. Not only are there more women CEOs, but in the last 6 out of 7 years, women CEOs have made more money by nearly 2 million dollars. You cannot get one without the other, as it relates to technology. Thoughts?

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