I hate the internet: First Thoughts

Jarett Kobek took me by surprise with his ironic and pessimistic views on modern society. His take on sexism, racism, and capitalism are alarmingly blunt. For instance his claim on page 25, “the business of American literature had become the business of exploiting slave labor. An example of this is the book that you are reading.” Kobek also continually self reflects on his own work calling this book itself a bad novel and comments on his belief that there are no longer good novels that have been published in the second half of this century. His bold accusations and  descriptions of society (the difference between being black and white as “with or without the presence of eumelanin in the stratum basale layer of the epidermis” being one of many) felt insensitive to me. I also found that it was hard, even after 95 pages, to understand and feel for the characters because Kobek bounces around ideas and topics and jumps between past and present. This is an extremely unique novel and I can honestly say I have never read anything like it, but as a member of post modern literature I am not sure that this is the new form of a novel I would want the future to become.

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