I Hate the Internet: Twitter

While reading chapter nineteen in i hate the internet, I grew curious about whether Jarett Kobek used Twitter and whether the negative comments and opinions translated from the page to the actual author himself. Interestingly enough, his personal Twitter seems almost nonexistent although, despite the inactivity since 2010, his bio was updated with the release of his 2015 book so it does seem like Kobek does make use of the platform. What I found even more bizarre was the Twitter for the publishing company, which is just an account that retweets every tweet they find where people on Twitter say “I hate the internet” in their tweets. I find it really intriguing that the result is a mix of those who use the words literally and ironically, and it makes me wonder the caustic attitude towards social media and the internet that the narrator shows can also be read as ironic, especially the title.

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