A Tale For The Time Being: Finally, a connection with Ruth

In the last section of reading I finally felt empathetic towards Ruth and became extremely sensitive and vulnerable when reading the darker parts of Nao’s story. When discovering Nao’s path to prostitution and the horrible details she writes about the disgusting bullying she goes through at her school I felt heartbroken. I felt that Ruth and I were becoming one as we both felt anger and sadness for Nao, as well as frustration for not being able to easily help especially after getting confirmation that Nao and her farther are real.

Another way in which I felt a further connection with Ruth was when both myself and Ruth, knew more than Nao and her father. After learning about the true way in which Nao’s great-uncle was killed Ruth realizes that Nao does not know this and still believes he was a great hero. It seems unnatural to know something that Nao does not especially because we are reading her story from her own perspective and have developed a relationship with her through her diary. The thought of simply reaching out to Nao to let her know comes easily, however one is reminded that there is a large barrier between the reader and Nao that does not seem to be there at first because of how personal she is in her writing. I found it extremely frustrating,as I am sure Ruth does too, to feel like you truly know Nao and only want to reach out and help her and then come to the realization that it is physically impossible.

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