Americanah: Appreciation

Ifemelu is extremely brave. She may falter when it comes to facing Obinze, but besides that she is courageous enough to speak her mind. She does not just share her opinion when she is around people she is comfortable with; she expresses her feelings and thoughts whenever she deems it important to do so. I strive to be like Ifemelu in my day to day life. To not be afraid of sharing your true thoughts to someone you met on a train and had a spark with or your boss’s sister is inspiring. She is a strong female lead in a foreign world. She may have some struggles on the way, and her friends may come in to give her a hand, but for the most part she is carrying the weight. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is an outspoken feminist and that resonates with Ifemelu’s character. Ifemelu embodies a strong woman who, even when placed in difficult situations, is able somehow find a way out. I do not blame her from becoming depressed. That was out of her control. I do commend her for fighting the depression without medication, but with the spirit that she can overcome anything.

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