Purity: Mental

Whenever I start a book I am just looking at words until finally a scene pulls me in. That scene is usually when I get to understand more about the main character from how they handle an exciting scenario. This scene in Purity was when Pip brought Jason home after their date. Right off the bat, she seemed to be having sex with him for the wrong reasons. Then, she interrupted the foreplay for a smart decision, getting a condom, but continued to make the man wait, upstairs, naked, in almost a complete strangers house, without any explanation. After returning after over an hour she then proceeds to fight with Jason as if she has done no wrong and steals his phone from him to look at his conversations. This was a major sign to me that Pip wasn’t just strange, but had something potentially mentally wrong with her. I finally came to a logical conclusion when she did something even more socially unacceptable and shocking: sexually assault Stephen, a very nice man who had just been left by his wife mere hours ago and is 15 years older than her. It was in that moment that she must have a mental disability in order to do these outrageous things. Obviously, we all make mistakes but these seem to stem from somewhere neurological or psychological. From what I have read, the blame is on her parents. Her father was supposedly abusive to her mother in a plethora of ways and her mother is the only person she trusts and yet she has no idea about her true identity. This rather screwed up mind of Pip’s is probably what propel the plot forward, but as a reader who gets attached to characters of novels, I hope the book will end with an a more pleasant state of mind then the one it started with.

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